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Medieval Feast with Fun Games


Reception at the castle’s gate.

Honourable lords and ladies are welcomed by a sentinel.
Those who wish get to wear a cloak of the knight of the order. 
Bells are tolled and welcome drinks.
Flaming torches, bonfires, medieval music.
A cannon shot in honour of the esteemed guests. 

A visitation to the History Room and the Chapel.

A short overview of the castle’s history.

Making beeswax candles.

A prayer in the chapel, redemption, indulgences on sale. 

1st course – appetizers

Competition between guests.

Learning archery and sword skills.

We’ll find out who are the best knights, taste mulled wine made according to a special recipe from some of the castle’s wine.

2nd course – the main course

Stamping a lucky coin, forecasting the future. 

3rd course – dessert 

In vino veritas
Tasting wine in the castle’s winery
Visiting the Chamber of Torture, the chamber of Death, and the Hell.