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Rakvere Castle Fell Under the Rule of Russians Without a Single Sword Stroke

Rakvere Castle fell under the rule of Russians without a single sword stroke. The bailiff was cast into prison. A detailed overview of how Rakvere Castle fell at the beginning of the Livonian War was provided by Johann Renner in his History of Livonia:

That main castle in Virumaa was not very strong. At that time, it only had eleven Germans able to fight.

The Russian sent three men there and who were to demand its surender and gave the bailiff 14 days for consideration.

In the meantime, the bailiff had all the money, harnesses, gear, provisions, furnishings, and the rest taken to Tallinn. That was found out for the Russians by peasants, which is why they came back within fourteen days and wanted to confiscate those goods. The attendants were at the cannons and wanted to fire, but the bailiff did not want to permit it because he intended to get an allowance in the form of Põlula manor (one mile from Rakvere), as the Russians had promised him. But the whole gear and all the provisions had reached Tallinn, so the bailiff left the castle and handed it over to the Russians. But when the Russians found nothing in the castle, they rushed after them and pillaged the carriages carrying the attendants’ stuff, which they surrendered. One Russian was shot in the process.

When the bailiff reached Tallinn, he dismissed his attendants and kept two clerks with him. After a while, he was arrested and deprived of several thousand florins because he had given the castle up. In Rakvere, the Russians got 7 falcons, 30 sides of bacon, some rye, and an assortment other stuff.

Rakvere linnus - sõjamehed