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Day plan 12.06-22.06.2021

juuni kuu

Rakvere castle is open every day! 10.00 – 18.00

Monday to Sunday

Souvenirshop, castle courtyards and Schenkenberg’s tavern are open.

Donkey, horse, sheep, bunnies, geese, goats and chickens with rooster are waiting visitors!


Wednesday to Sunday

  • History chamber
  • Chamber of Science
  • Capital hall - Exhibition "Swords through the Centuries"
  • Chappel
  • Refectory
  • Torture chamber, death chamber and hell (only accessible with a guide)
  • Horseback riding in the yard with a horse or donkey
  • Craft workshop (mold clay, write with goose feather, wax candle)


Thursday to Sunday

Archery in frontyard.

Day plan:

12.00 Cannon shooting and puppet show in garden of Romance.

13.00 Sword performance in the convent yard.

14.00 Sword performance in the convent yard

15.00 Puppet show in garden of Romance

16.00 Cannon shooting.

17.00 Games of chance in front of the inn.

NB !!! Rakvere Castle reserves the right to make changes in the agenda.

Friday to Saturday 18.00-22.00 Ivo Schenkenberg's café in the Garden of Romance. Entrance from the golden south gate.